22 Killer Facebook Mistakes Your Business Is Making

Posted by Kelsey Mayfield on Feb 28, 2019 4:08:56 PM
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Girl covering her mouth as if to say "Oops"

We all make mistakes. (Oops!) And for the most part, people are forgiving.

But the Internet is a different beast entirely.

Especially when it comes to the social media side of the Internet.

Which of these 22 killer Facebook mistakes are you making?


1) Not Split-Testing

(Also known as A/B testing.)

Marketing is 10% creativity and 90% science (yes I did just make that statistic up, but stay with me and I’ll explain).

Just like there are no two people completely alike, there are no two Facebook audiences completely alike.

You have to test different phrases, colors, images, and offers to find what really grabs your audience’s attention.


2) Boosting Posts Too Much

Boosting posts is a quick and easy way to advertise, which makes it ideal for the average business owner/social media manager to get the word out about a special sale or promotion.

But boosting posts has limited targeting capabilities. In some cases, this can cause your Facebook advertising to cost more than what it should.


3) Only Posting Ads

Your business is awesome. People want and need your products and services. But they don’t want to be slammed with ad after ad after ad after… you get it.

Social media isn’t just another advertising platform. It’s way more than that. It’s a way to engage.


4) Talking at Instead of Engaging

Speaking of engaging, that’s the real value of putting your business on social media.

People don’t login to Facebook to be talked at, they go there to talk to people.

Your posts and responses should be part of a conversation, not a copy and paste script.


5) Posting Too Much or Not Enough

Some businesses find the most success on Facebook by posting multiple times a day. Others see the same amount of success by posting monthly.

Pay attention to audience engagement to find out where your sweet spot for posting is.


6) Branding Confusion

If a customer were to walk into your business and then go to your Facebook account (or vice versa) they should not be able to see any differences between the branding.

Facebook marketing is an extension of the customer experience, so you want your customers to feel exactly how they would feel when doing business with you.


7) Not Using a Custom Cover Photo

This is such an easy thing to do. If you’re not using a cover photo at all, it just looks lazy and unprofessional.

If you’re using a stock image, imagine how you would feel if your competitor started using the same image. Embarrassing, right?

Custom is always best, whether you take/create the image yourself, or hire a freelancer to do the job for you.


8) Not Branding Graphics

This is another easy one. People love looking at images on Facebook, but aren’t so big on reading. So you have to plan for them only looking at the picture.

And if your picture doesn’t have your logo or business name on it? Well, now that potential customer has moved on to the next image and doesn’t remember your business at all.


9) Not Aligning Facebook Goals and Strategy with Sales & Marketing

Most businesses create a Facebook page with the intent of boosting sales or creating brand awareness.

Both of those goals are impossible if they aren’t aligned with your overall business sales and marketing goals and initiatives.


10) Incomplete “About” Information

This is probably the easiest thing you can do on Facebook. Tell people about your business! What do you do, how can they reach you, where else can they find you, etc.

Empty About sections not only look lazy but also shady (like the business might be fake shady).


11) Unclear Call to Action

A call to action is what you want a person to do. If your post is about a sale, chances are you want them to buy.

Tell them to buy.

Don’t tell them to consider buying. Don’t tell them to browse. Tell them exactly what you want them to do, and they’ll do it.


12) Too Much Text

You know what most people do when they see a post on Facebook that’s more than a few paragraphs long?

They move on to the next post.


13) Multiple Links in One Post

Your posts need to be short. They need to include one, clear call to action. And they need to lead to one place.

It is NEVER a good idea to put multiple offers in one post, because that leads to information overload.

Find the offer with the most value and focus on that. Or, split the offers into separate posts and send them out at different times.


14) Ignoring Negative Comments

Ignoring your problems does not make them go away. Neither does ignoring negative comments.

But you can turn a negative comment into a positive opportunity for your business.


15) Begging for Likes & Shares

You don't beg people to walk into your store front. It's pathetic. Instead, you entice them.

Similarly, you don’t need to beg for likes and shares to get more engagement. You just need to post relevant and interesting content.


16) Not Proofing Text

Typos happen, but not all typos are easily forgiven. Please, please, please have someone other than yourself read all important posts before they go live.


17) Focusing on Negativity

When has overly focusing on negativity ever made another person more inclined to like and respect another person?


Leave the competitor trash talking, complaining, and lashing out at negative feedback to your less Facebook savvy competitors.


18) Posting the Same Stuff, Over and Over

If posting the same thing feels boring to you, imagine how it must feel for the people looking at your page.


19) Anything Political

Leave the politics where they belong. They do not belong on your Facebook page.


20) Getting Too Personal

Some of the best business social media channels treat their pages like personal pages. But there is such a thing as too much.

Your audience doesn’t need to know your life story. They just want highlights and personalization every once in a while.


21) Grossing out Your Audience

I was checking out an automotive pro’s Google My Business posts a while ago, and one of the featured images was an open cut they'd received while working a job.

Needless to say, I was grossed out. And now I never want to look at another post from this business again.

Don’t be that business. Just don’t.


22) Not Responding to Feedback

You don’t have to act on every bit of feedback you get from your audience for them to feel good about themselves and your business by extension.

You just have to acknowledge that you heard them.


Are you making these killer Facebook mistakes? Careful, they could be the different between finding success on social media or flopping.

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