How To Get Your Automotive Business Noticed

Posted by Kelsey Mayfield on Jun 20, 2019 2:13:59 PM
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How do you get your business noticed? How to you convince customers to come to you, rather than you competitor?

Make your business stand out.

You don’t need some end-all-be-all product or service to do this. You just need to find the right benefit that 1) people love and 2) no one else is talking about.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Accepting walk-ins,
  • Scheduling appointments,
  • Special ordering products or parts,
  • Offering pick-up and drop-off services for your busy customers,
  • Price matching,
  • Complimentary services (like vacuuming, diagnostic checks, etc.)
  • Warranties,
  • Conversations with real people (no phone robots),
  • Money back guarantees,
  • Helpful advice,
  • Reminders for the next recommended service date,
  • Speedy services,
  • Best value products and/or services,
  • Most trusted status,
  • Friendliest status,
  • Most tested products or service techniques,
  • Most advanced products or service techniques/equipment,
  • Oldest business in the location/industry,
  • Most loved business in the location/industry,
  • Easiest to deal with,
  • Most helpful business in the location/industry.

Pick as many benefits from the above list that apply to your business (and find even more on your own) and start hammering home the message.

Let customers know you’re the best auto repair shop in town because you’ll accept appointments or walk-ins AND you’re also the most experienced shop since you’ve been around the longest.

But before you start spreading the word, make sure to do these two things:

1) Choose A Benefit, Not A Feature

What's the difference?

A feature is something that is nice, but not necessary. Like state-of-the-art recliners in a lobby, or complimentary cookies in waiting areas.

A benefit is something can act as the tipping point in purchasing decisions. Like offering one-year warranties on products or running complimentary diagnostics.


2) Prominently Feature A Benefit NO ONE Else Is Talking About

You don't need a benefit that's unique to your business. You just need to frame it in a way that sounds unique.

For example, most locksmiths have fully equipped mobile vans. If you're a locksmith you can probably even rattle off the top of your head every type of equipment any self-respecting locksmith would store in the van.

But your customers don't know what's in your van. So bragging about having a fully equipment van for ANY lockout situation would sound pretty impressive. Especially if no other locksmith is talking about how they're always ready to handle any situation.

Boasting about your ability to take on any job at any time would assure potential customers that you can definitely help them. It also implies (without outright saying) that other locksmiths might not be able to help, so their best bet is to contact you.

Another implied benefit for your business for using this strategy is it makes you look like a pioneer. You were the first to talk about this benefit, which means you must have been the first to offer it. And that would make everyone else who tries to promote it a copycat.


Let me give you an example of a missed opportunity.

When I lived in my previous town, I used to go to the same mechanic every time I needed something fixed or an oil change.

One: because I was relatively happy with the quality of services and costs.

And two: because they made everything so darn easy for me.

If I had a flat tire on a Tuesday morning, I could call the shop to let them know what was wrong. They would then come pick up my car at my workplace, take it to their shop, fix the tire, AND bring it back before the end of the workday.

This service was so amazing in my mind that I didn’t even care if I was paying more here than anywhere else.

So where’s the missed opportunity?

They never featured this service in their advertisements.


I have no idea how many repair shops offer this (it’s probably more than I think). But can you imagine how many customers would be flocking to this business if they knew before even calling the shop that they could get their car fixed without ever having to leave their office or house?

The same can be said for all the other benefits listed above.

Customers don’t know your business as well as you do. Something that seems so obvious or that you’ve always done so you just assume everyone knows about it could be your key benefit used to stand out.

But you can’t stand out if you don’t advertise this benefit. Sure, customers will spread the news through word of mouth, but that’s not the best way to get the word out there.

Customers need to hear about your benefits from you. That’s how you can stand out from every other business like yours and attract customers.


What benefits do you offer that no other business is talking about? Let us know in the comments below!

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