Google My Business Image Cheat Sheet 2019

Posted by Kelsey Mayfield on May 8, 2019 3:26:23 PM
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Standard Guidelines

The standard Google guidelines to keeping a sharp-looking Google My Business listing are as follows:

Format: JPG or PNG

Size: 10KM - 5MB

Minimum Resolution: 720px X 720px

Quality: In focus, well lit, and realistic looking. That means no weird filters or over-the-top frames to distract from the image.

Image Types

Profile Image

Use this type for your logo or something that accurately represents what your business sells with a single glance.

Best Size: 250px X 250px

Min Size: 120px X 120px

Max Size: 5200px X 5300px

Cover Photo

Use this type for the image you think best represents your business.

This won’t always be the displayed image because Google thinks it knows better and will replace the cover image with whatever its algorithm thinks is the most relevant image. But it’s still worth putting some thought into this image.

Best Size: 1080px X 608px

Min Size:  480px X 270px

Max Size: 2120px X 1192px

Shared Images

Best Size: 497px X 373px

Min Size: 497px width

Max Size: 2048px X 2048px

Photos Your Customers Want To See


Keyless Entry Remote Inc logo

Your logo should visually be the most recognizable part of your business, which is why you put it on pretty much everything. Business cards, the side of your van/truck, your building, that weird desk ornament that looks cool but doesn’t really do anything.

Online is no different. Wherever your business appears online, so should your logo. And because of how incredibly recognizable it is, putting it online isn’t enough. It also has to look good.


Building / Mobile Van

Keyless Entry Remote Inc Building

Whether your business is difficult to find or not, pictures of your building are a must on Google. Seeing what your business looks like ahead of time makes finding your business easier and faster.

The same goes for mobile vans. Customers will feel much more at ease when you drive up if they know what they’re looking out for ahead of time.


Products / Services

Man changing a car's oil

Images of products and services are great supplemental information to your logo.

If a customer is searching for an auto repair shop, but not a specific one, the images on your listing will be the first thing they see. And if they don’t look like images for an auto repair shop, your potential customer might be scared away. Especially if they think you don’t offer the products or services they need.

Products are easy to feature, but services can be a little harder. Try to get shots of you or your employees at work, and make sure it’s clear what you’re doing. In other words, if you’re an auto repair shop, don’t take images of employees standing around cars. You could be mistaken for a dealership or rental lot.



Mechanic standing next to the open hood of a car

People naturally feel connected to other people. Showcasing you or your amazing staff is a great way to make potential customers feel like they already know your business before you even talk to them.

How To Upload Photos

Google My Business Photos tab

Log into your Google My Business account, and select the Photos tab on the left. From there, you can select the photo types you want to upload using the size cheat sheet above.

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