How to Begin Futura Pro Operations with and without Wi-Fi

Posted by Kelsey Mayfield on Aug 30, 2018 2:25:56 PM
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The sequel to Ilco’s Futura, the Futura Pro is the latest and greatest key cutter on the market. With improved speeds, shortcut search functions, and step-by-step instructions, there’s little to dislike about this machine.

Getting started, however, could be troublesome if you’re not familiar with its four different operation modes.

To help you understand the machine a little better, we’ll go through the step-by-step instructions on how to begin Futura Pro operations in each mode.

Access Point Mode (Wireless)

When you first start your Futura Pro, this will be the default mode. Depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, it’s typically the best option.

With Access Point mode, you don’t need to do anything to set it up unless the tablet and machine aren’t automatically connecting.

Here’s what to do if you face this problem:

1) Wait a couple of minutes after start-up. Sometimes it takes a little time for the machine and tablet to connect.

2) If there is no connection after waiting, open your “Settings” on the tablet, then tap “WLAN”.

3) From here, look for the name of your machine. Every device has a different name, but they all start with, “Silca_Futura_”.

4) When you’ve located the name of your device, you’ll notice there’s a Wi-Fi signal icon to the left of it. If there’s no connection, move on to the next step. If there is a strong connection, you should be good to start using the Futura Pro.

5) If there’s no connection, select the name of your machine and enter its unique serial number as the password.

6) Choose your Wi-Fi channel from this screen and reboot the machine to establish a connection.

*Before rebooting, you can also set any Wi-Fi rules and restrictions from this screen.



Ethernet Connection Mode

If you have Wi-Fi limitations, an Ethernet cable connection is your next best option. The downside is, you do have to stay connected to a router for this operation mode, which can be a hassle depending on your router's location.

Here’s how you get started:

1) Keep the tablet’s settings on connect with Wi-Fi to the machine.

2) Connect your Futura Pro to your router with an Ethernet cable.

If you have issues connecting to the Internet with this mode, double-check that the cable is properly inserted on both ends and that your router has a strong Internet signal.



Tethering USB Mode

Wi-Fi’s no good and you don’t have easy access to the router? The tethering USB’s got you covered.

With this operation mode, you’re still connecting with a cable, but because it's the tablet and machine being connected, you have more placement options.

Here’s how you get started:

1) Before you do anything, turn off your tablet’s Wi-Fi connection in “Settings,” and disconnect the Ethernet cable from the machine (if necessary).

2) Use the power cable provided with the tablet to connect the Futura Pro and tablet.

3) On your tablet, go to “Settings,” then “More…,” then “Tethering & Portable hotspot.”

4) Toggle “USB Tethering” to on.

5) Wait for a green light to flash on the machine for 10-20 seconds.

6) When the light is done flashing, start the Silca Futura APP and select “Connect to” to find your machine.

7) After the machine is found, tap it to select the machine and establish a connection.

*If at any point during this process the tablet and machine are turned off, you’ll have to start over to establish a connection. After the connection has been made, you can reboot the tablet to connect to the Internet, if necessary.


Local Network (LAN) Mode

This operation mode should be your last option. The above three operation modes work much better and are more stable. But when all else fails, you can connect the machine and tablet to your router using a Local Network (also known as LAN).

Here’s how you get started:

1) Go to “Options,” “Settings,” then “Network settings.” From here, select “Local network mode.”

2) Connect the Futura Pro by tapping the SSID field to choose your Internet network, then put in the network’s password.

3) Hit “Save” to reboot the machine in Local Network mode.

A successful connection in the process of being established will be signaled by white and blue flashing lights. Two blue flashes in a row mark the end of the connection process.

An UNsuccessful connection or incorrect password will be signaled by only flashing blue lights. When this happens, the machine will revert to Access Point mode.

4) After successfully connecting the machine, connect the tablet by going to “Settings,” then “WLAN,” then tap on the same network you connected the machine to.

5) Once you’ve selected your network, tap on the double bar icon in the top left corner to open the drop-down menu and select “Connect to.”

6) Hit the “Start search” button, then select the machine name (“Silca-Futura…”) when it appears.

Once your connection has been established, this mode setting will be saved by the machine, meaning when you reboot it, this Local Network will be the default connection. If a connection cannot be made quickly upon start-up, the Futura Pro will go back to Access Point mode.

Those are the four Futura Pro operation modes. Now, whether you have a good Wi-Fi connection or not, you can easily cut keys with this machine like the key-cutting master you are.



Still having issues with connecting your tablet and machine? Give our support team a call at 402-671-5100.

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