How to Finish Programming a Nissan Prox Key

Posted by Hannah Campbell on Oct 27, 2017 9:47:22 AM
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Nissan Prox Key

We have noticed problems all caused by trying to use “re-furbished” and or already used PROX KEYS on 20 Digit System cars.

Sometimes in these cases it is difficult getting the customers original working Nissan prox key to program back in, but in all cases we have seen, it is possible.

If you have tried to add a key and now the car won’t accept the original key back here is exactly what to do:


Disconnect the PRO from the cars OBD port.

• Keep all keys clearly away from the vehicle (at least 20-30 feet) with the ignition off, cycle the emergency key in the door.

• The security key icon should begin flashing on and off on the dash, when this happens, you are now capable of completing the learning process.

• Leave one key clearly away from the vehicle (at least 20-30 feet).

• Make sure you leave your foot off the brake pedal.

• Take one key and using the logo end of the prox, push in firmly on the start button.

• Continue to hold the logo end of the key near the start button -you should see the little orange light in the middle of the start button slightly flickering.

• The system is trying to read the key. You should also hear a series of beeps at the same time.

• Once the system completes reading you should see the security icon flash five times.

• You should then be able to push the remote buttons and see that they are operating.

• If you want to program more keys, do not start the vehicle.

• Remove this prox from the vehicle at least 20-30 feet away.

• If you have more keys to program bring the second prox into the vehicle and follow the same procedure for showing the car the new key and watching for the 5 blinks from the security light.

• Continue until you have programmed all the keys you want to (up to 4. Max).

Upon Completion

• START THE VEHICLE using the first key introduced and then turn the car OFF

• The dash should display “Key registration complete”

• Test all keys

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