Smart Pro FAQs: 7 Basics You Need to Know Before Deciding to Purchase

Posted by Kelsey Mayfield on Aug 22, 2018 9:23:08 AM
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Whether you’re new to automotive locksmithing or looking to upgrade to the latest programming device, there are some basic Smart Pro FAQs you absolutely need to know the answers to before deciding to purchase.

What happens to your tokens if you’re switching from an MVP Pro? What tech support resources (if any) will be available to you after purchase?

These are some of the fundamental questions you need answered before you can decide if purchasing is right for you. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list of important FAQs to keep you an informed shopper.

1) How Much Does the Smart Pro Cost?


Be wary if a business tries to sell you a Smart Pro for less than the above price. There are special cases where distributors can get permission to lower the cost, but that’s usually done through rebates or gift cards.

2) Is There Tech Support for the Smart Pro?


Advanced Diagnostics offers tech support, but Smart Pro distributors (like Keyless Entry Remote) are easier to get a hold of and quicker to help. Not all distributors offer support, so if this is an important deciding factor, be sure to ask before purchasing.

3) Is There a Warranty on the Smart Pro?

Yes. Two years to be exact.

4) What Does “Hybrid Solution” programmer mean?

It means you get to choose between using tokens or purchase software for programming.

5) Do the Leftover Tokens on My MVP Pro Disappear If I Trade It in?


Rest assured that if you switch, you will not have to rush to use up your remaining tokens or risk losing them. When you switch, all of your unused tokens will be transferred to your new device.

6) Does My Purchased Software on My TCode Pro Disappear If I Trade It in?


You do NOT have to repurchase software. All of your purchased software will be transferred when you switch.

7) Can the Smart Pro Read Pin Codes?

Yes and no.

It can read pin codes, but not for all vehicles. At the moment, there is no list of readable or unreadable vehicles available.


And there you have it! Seven basic Smart Pro FAQs answered.

I'm sure you have even more burning questions if you’re serious about the Smart Pro. Unfortunately, I can't fit every FAQ in this article, but I can direct you to a great resource. The Keyless Entry Remote staff actually uses the device to get hands-on experience. Have them answer your questions now by calling 402-671-5100.

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